Respiro IV Incense Burner



Exclusively from Claire Lune, the Respiro IV Incense Burner is a unique piece, inviting moments of stillness and appreciation for the act of burning incense. Its distinct form emerges from intuitive movements, influenced by the rhythm of breath. Given the technique, every burner is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece — uniquely yours to cherish.

Due to the building technique, it is impossible to recreate the exact same piece.

Material: Stoneware fired in oxidation at >1200° C.


  • White. Matte alabaster white glaze. Sphere in deep brown/black glaze.
  • Black. Velvety dark brown/black glaze. Sphere in matte alabaster white glaze.


  • White. Approximately 17cm x 8cm(W).
  • Black. Approximately 19cm x 6.5cm(W).

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Made in Italy.

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