Half Moon Espresso Cups (Set of 2)


Claire Lune's Half Moon best espresso cups set symbolizes the balance between opposites, drawing inspiration from the half moon itself. Handcrafted with precision, each ceramic espresso cup is a unique piece, ensuring individuality in every creation.

Your morning routine will benefit from the Italian workmanship seen in these espresso cups. Our Earthen Home selection of the greatest espresso glasses lets you enjoy every drink. Our cups are carefully created to improve your coffee habit with style and function. These elegant cups will enhance your home barista setup. We provide the best espresso mugs at Earthen Home because we know how important a good cup of coffee is. Discover the perfect cups for your daily brew in our selection today. Earthen Home's ceramic espresso mugs are stylish and functional. From classic to futuristic, Earthen Home has mugs for everyone. With our durable, heat-retaining cups, you can always enjoy your espresso at the appropriate temperature.

Classic Elegance of Ceramic Espresso Cups

Our exquisite ceramic espresso mugs elevate your daily routine. These well-made mugs are lovely and functional. Earthen Home's classic ceramic espresso cups enhance coffee taste with style and utility.

Material: White Stoneware fired at >1200° C in oxidation. Matte, Dark brown/black glaze finish and clear glaze.

Care: Dishwasher safety is an option for the espresso coffee cups, but hand washing helps prevent chipping of the glaze. Enhance your coffee experience with ceramic espresso cups.

Size: About 7cm × 7cm