Nomad Luna Full Moon



Exclusively designed by Tuscany's Claire Lune, the Nomad Luna incense burner is a fine art creation, crafted to accentuate lunar phase-inspired home rituals. Originally envisioned for an elite retreat in the Moroccan desert, it's now one of Claire Lune's most sought-after designs. This burner is attuned to the Full Moon energy. Crafted from high-quality white stoneware, its textured, unglazed surface mirrors the moon's rugged facade.

Looking for cool incense burners? The Nomad Luna offers not just functionality but also artistic beauty. Crafted by the skilled hands of Tuscany's Claire Lune, this ceramic incense burner adds a touch of elegance to your space while enhancing your home rituals inspired by lunar phases. With its high-quality white stoneware material fired at over 1200°C, it ensures durability and longevity. 

Material: White Stoneware fired at >1200° C in oxidation. 

Finish: Unglazed.

Lead time: This item will ship within 2-3 weeks.

Handmade in Italy

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