Morenas Plates


The Morenas Plates by Zuahaza introduce all-natural fique baskets that infuse texture and character into your living spaces while offering practical, neutral accent pieces and storage solutions. These exquisite plates, meticulously handwoven, are available in three sizes, ensuring versatile functionality. Arrange them as a nesting set for a cohesive look, or place them individually wherever suits your space.

The name "Morenas" draws its inspiration from the Spanish language, where it describes various shades of brown. In the Colombian context, it can also be an endearing reference to individuals with naturally bronzed or brown skin tones. These plates, like their name, celebrate the richness of brown hues and the diversity of culture and beauty.

Colors: Natural


  • Small: 18 x 3cm / 7" x 3"

  • Medium: 22 x 4cm / 8.5" x 1.5"

  • Large: 28 x 4cm / 11" x 4"*

Materials: 100% natural un-dyed fique from Colombia

Handmade by an artisan cooperative in the town of Guacamayas, Boyacá, Colombia

*Natural variations in size may occur

Pre-order products will ship within 7-10 weeks.