Luna Nuova Sculptures



Textured surface with warm, velvety glaze. The "Luna Nuova" series, exclusively designed by Tuscany's Claire Lune, offers contemporary ceramic sculptures that double as decorative pieces and functional art, enhancing your home decor. Crafted using a mix of slab building and coiling techniques, these sculptures are made from high-fire stoneware.

Whether gracing a centerpiece or adorning in-built shelves, they infuse elegance and spark conversation, establishing you as a tastemaker in your space.

Material: Black, high-fire stoneware, involves a mix of slab building and coiling.

Finish: Textured surface with warm black, velvety glaze.


  • Luna Nuova I: 29cm (H)x 18cm
  • Luna Nuova II: 22.5cm (H)x 15cm

Lead time: This item is made to order and will ship within 2-3 weeks.

Handmade in Italy 

Notes: The inside of the sculpture is sealed with a layer of transparent sealer that makes it more resistant in time to possible stains from the oils. Avoiding the oils to spill in the sculpture is nonetheless recommended. Do not use in direct contact with fire or burning sticks.