Himalaya Macrame Wall Hanging


Expertly crafted by Yashi Designs, the Himalayan Macrame Wall Hanging is a unique and minimalist statement piece that captures the essence of the "Abode of Snow," hence its name, Himalayas.

Inspired by the majestic mountain landscape, this wall hanging showcases intricate knots meticulously hand-knotted using natural cotton rope. The result is a modern masterpiece that draws inspiration from Scandinavian design.

This contemporary artwork is destined to be the perfect textural addition to any space, enriching it with a touch of nature-inspired elegance. Rest assured, this piece will bring you joy every time you gaze upon it.

Whether your interior style leans toward Minimalist, Scandinavian, Retro, Bohemian, Natural, or Urban Jungle aesthetics, this wall accent is the perfect fit. Elevate your space with the Himalayan Macrame Wall Hanging's modern and minimalist charm.

Material: Soft Cotton Rope

Size: 28"H x 13"W x 1"D

Color: Please mention choice of color as a note during checkout.

Installation: Ready to hang.

Lead Time: 2 weeks.

Handmade in USA.