Guacamaya Tabletop Basket



The Guacamaya Tabletop Baskets by Zuahaza showcase the beauty of fique, a Colombian fiber widely employed in rug and basket weaving. Derived from the agave plant family, this fiber shares similarities with hemp and boasts impressive eco-friendly credentials. It thrives without the need for fertilizers or pesticides, earning its status as a natural organic fiber. Furthermore, its minimal water requirements underscore its resourcefulness, making it a stellar choice for sustainable natural fibers.

The latest collection of storage and decorative baskets is the result of meticulous hand weaving by a cooperative of artisans hailing from the Boyaca region in Colombia. Utilizing a coil basket weaving technique, each basket stands as a unique masterpiece, distinguished by its exclusive design. This individuality transforms every basket into a treasured handmade work of art.

Whether it's the tall woven basket, ideal for storing kitchen utensils or paintbrushes; the small woven basket, perfect for decorative planters or small storage; or the medium woven basket, a versatile storage solution—each piece seamlessly blends functionality with artistry. Explore the Guacamaya Tabletop Baskets to bring the charm of Colombian craftsmanship into your home.


  • Tall Size: 6”x8” / 15cm x 20cm

  • Small Size: 8" x 5" / 20cm x 12cm

  • Medium Size: 8" x 10" / 20cm x 25cm

 Materials: 100% natural fiber fique from Colombia

Handmade by a women artisan from Colombia

*Natural variations in size my occur

Pre-order products will ship within 7-10 weeks.