Adira Macrame Wall Hanging


Introducing the Adira Macrame Tapestry Wall Hanging by Yashi Designs, a captivating piece that boasts a striking modern geometric design. Aptly named "ADIRA," this wall hanging symbolizes strength and power, reflected in its unique organic design that combines rich textures and natural materials.

This artful creation not only infuses a sense of serenity but also transforms your space into an inviting and tranquil haven. With its blend of calming aesthetics and vibrant personality, the Adira Macrame Tapestry Wall Hanging is the perfect accent for a wide range of interior styles, including Minimalist, Scandinavian, Retro, Bohemian, Natural, and Urban Jungle themes. Let this stunning piece become the centerpiece of your decor, radiating its distinctive charm and artistic energy throughout your space

Material: Soft Cotton Rope

Size: 42"H x 24.2”W x 0.5”D inches

Installation: Ready to hang. Recommend hanging with a drywall anchor and screw into the wall for stability and support. 

Lead Time: 2 weeks.

Handmade in USA.