Aarya Knotted Wall Hanging



Introducing the Aarya Knotted Wall Hanging from Yashi Designs. This piece is an exploration of how knots and curves gracefully follow the pull of gravity, creating forms inspired by the beauty of nature. Crafted through a labor-intensive process, soft cotton cords are intricately knotted, and their ends allowed to flow freely.

This interactive artwork harmonizes with gravity's influence, offering a captivating display of form and movement. Easily mount it on a nail or wall hook, allowing the piece to express itself. Whether you prefer an asymmetrical arch or a symmetrical arrangement, it will elevate any corner of your space.

Material: Organic Cotton Rope

Size: 7”W x 22”H x 1.5”D inches

Installation: Ready to hang. This can be installed as an asymmetrical arch or symmetrical on any nail/ wall hooks. The product doesn’t come with wall hooks.

Lead Time: 2 weeks.

Handmade in USA.