Oasis Lumbar Pillow


The Oasis Green Lumbar Pillow is a handwoven treasure from India, thoughtfully presented by Bit of Miraki. This cozy boho lumbar pillow is your ideal companion for a snug holiday experience. Its design seamlessly blends shades of white and blue, striking a harmonious balance between playfulness and elegance. This piece masterfully combines colors, textures, and charming tassels, creating a chic ensemble that can transform any room into a haven of style and comfort.

Crafted from 100% cotton, this pillow exudes a soft and inviting feel. It's adorned with delicate tassels at all four corners, instantly elevating the ambiance and giving your space that holiday-ready charm. Whether paired with our throw pillows or used as a standalone accent, the "Oasis Green Lumbar Pillow" is your ticket to holiday coziness and a touch of artistic flair.

Handmade in India

Material: 100% Cotton 

Size: 12 x 20 inch

Care Instructions: Spot Clean only