Ch'ail: Tazón (bowl)


This charming Ch’ail: tazón (bowl) hails from the Chij Collection, a creation of the esteemed 1050 Grados cooperative in Oaxaca, Mexico. It's a personal favorite of ours, mainly due to its endearing little faces. Whether you're using it to present a delightful meal on the table or to cook directly over the stove or in the oven, this bowl elevates any culinary experience to a feast.

These bowls, with their gentle grayish, almost white tones, have a knack for enhancing the natural colors of your food. Each piece of Ch’ail dishware showcases the unique craftsmanship of Amatengo del Valle, where Mari, Esperanza, and their dedicated family labor tirelessly. They not only innovate new shapes and processes but also uphold the rich pottery tradition of their community, leaving their distinctive mark on every creation.

Capacity: 400 ml

Size: 8 x 5.5 x 3 inch

Handmade in Mexico