Aduko Basket



Discover the Aduko Baskets by Aketekete, meticulously handcrafted in Yikene with natural straw. Available in 3 different sizes and textures, these versatile creations serve as both practical storage solutions and elegant décor accents. With their tribal-inspired design, the Aduko Baskets add a touch of cultural vibrancy to any space, whether used for storing blankets and toys or as stylish planters.

Aketekete, crafted in Ghana, celebrates culture with contemporary objects made using traditional techniques. Each piece, crafted by local artisans, embodies uniqueness and craftsmanship, preserving tradition while empowering communities.

Color: Natural


  • BASKET 1: W: 34 x H: 24 x B: 25 x M: 17 cm

  • BASKET 2: W: 38 x H: 28 x B: 28 x M: 19 cm

  • BASKET 3: W: 38 x H: 24 x B: 28 x M :26 cm

Materials: Straw

Handmade by artisans in Yikene, Ghana

*Natural variations in size my occur due to their handmade nature.

**The basket is shipped flat, and a note detailing assembly instructions will be included with the order.