Nomad Luna Full Moon


Exclusively designed by Tuscany's Claire Lune, the "Nomad Luna" incense burner is a fine art creation, crafted to accentuate lunar phase-inspired home rituals. Originally envisioned for an elite retreat in the Moroccan desert, it's now one of Claire Lune's most sought-after designs. This burner is attuned to the Full Moon energy. Crafted from high-quality white stoneware, its textured, unglazed surface mirrors the moon's rugged facade. Its elegant circular design pays homage to the divine feminine, making it both a functional and symbolic piece.

Material: White Stoneware fired at >1200° C in oxidation. 

Finish: Unglazed.

Lead time: This item will ship within 2-3 weeks.

Handmade in Italy

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